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With so many different cultural icons and media touchpoints, who does Gen Z turn to? Whose opinions can they trust?
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Who Can Gen Z Trust?
How have recent events changed who students see as trustworthy?
Generation Z has benefitted from the creation of dating apps by having potential partners at their fingertips. But what apps are the most popular, and why use them?
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How has dating during the pandemic 
affected Gen Z?
The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted just about every aspect of life, but how has it affected college students on not just their career field, but their outlook on the future?
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Concerns of a College Student
What are the biggest concerns and worries that Gen Z are facing today?

Our Expertise

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Being born into technology, Gen Z no longer consumes media the same way as previous generations. In fact, they have been getting their news from some noteworthy sources.
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How does Gen Z feel about
major news sources? 
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