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What do I do if I have more questions?

We are always available to answer any questions that you might have! Feel free to use the chat function in the bottom right corner, or email us at or and we will be happy to help!

What devices can I do surveys on?

Look at your hand. Chances are you are holding a smart phone. If not, then you probably have some screen close by. In My Opinion can be used on any smartphone or computer via our address,

Why do you need my phone number?

We know you are busy, and we know you won’t check the site so when there is a really cool survey available, we will text you and let you know about it. Your number will not be shared with anyone outside of In My Opinion and we promise not to slip into your DM’s.

What information of mine will be shared?

What happens on IMO stays on IMO. Your information is completely private and protected. The only information that will be shared with a company will be the survey answers that you provided. The demographic information will stay private, as will your name and contact information.

What is In My Opinion?

In My Opinion – or IMO – is a marketing research company. We help brands connect with college students on a variety of topics like new products or ads or just what is important to you. It’s easy and fun – through a survey accessed by a web app. We pay you for your time for each completed survey. Win-win.

Who is eligible to participate?

If you are enrolled in a university or college and have an email that ends in .edu, then you qualify!

Why is an edu email necessary for participants?

Lets face it, anyone can catfish. Our clients need to know that you are a real university student because they are interested in knowing the opinions of an 18-24 year old, not a 55 year old woman from Peoria. Having an edu email helps us verify that you are really who you say you are.

Does it cost anything to be a part of In My Opinion?

Being a part of the In My Opinion student panel is the best combo - free and lucrative. IMO participants are paid after they complete a survey and receive a notice that their submission has been received.

Frequently Asked Questions

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