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What are student ambassadors, and how does that work?

While the news about IMO has spread through social networks of friends and partnership organizations, we also felt that it would be important to have a local contact at the campus level to respond to questions or facilitate new recruiting.

Our solution? IMO Student Ambassadors. These energizer bunnies work tirelessly to connect with student groups and shepherd projects as needed. They’re well networked and get the job done. Interested in becoming an IMO Student Ambassador? Contact to find out more.

How are students paid?

Many research companies “pay” students through raffles or require multiple completed before they are compensated. We believe that a happy respondent is a better respondent. We pay our students quickly (upon verification of the completed survey) and we pay them in the digital currency option of their choice including Venmo and Cashapp. We also have the option for our students to donate their earnings to one of the charities that we have listed on our site.

Who are your student group partners?

Sororities and Fraternities are the largest group of volunteers in the USA, and we tap into that network with affiliate programs. We know that these organizations have major philanthropy goals, and so IMO is there to help them meet their targets by enabling them to donate their incentives for completed surveys directly to the favorite cause or charity of their choice.

We are partnered with multiple Panhellenic fraternities and sororities including Chi Omega, Beta Theta Pi, ZBT, Tri Delt, DU, Sigma Kappa, and so many more. If your organization is interested in partnering with IMO, just email to learn more.

How much do you pay the respondents?

Fair compensation is a key part of our model. We believe that by paying student panelists a fair wage for their time, they will provide our clients with thoughtful, honest answers to their questions. This averages to about $5 to $10 per survey, based on survey length and complexity.

Its a win-win.

Where are IMO Student Panelists from?

IMO currently has student panelists who attend schools on more that 100 Universities around the USA. These IMO student panelists currently represent 42 home states, providing us with excellent coverage and national representation.

How do we verify our students?

It’s essential to us that you have the right people responding to your research, so we go the extra mile to triple confirm our student panelists. We have a proprietary method that starts with a college email which is required to register for our site to be a participant on the IMO student panel. The rest is a proprietary method of verification that we can’t share because it’s, well, proprietary.

How do you know that your research panel is who they say they are?

Let’s face it. There’s a lot of mystery that can happen in online research, including the most important part of research itself – the respondent.

At In My Opinion, we make certain that your respondents are verified college students. We know their demographic data including their home state, age, racial profile, gender preference, and more. We take the time to verify each student with the university to confirm that they are a student and not a 45-year-old housewife from New Jersey, though students from New Jersey are always welcome!

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